Marketing Order No. 905: Oranges, Grapefruit, Tangerines, and Tangelos Grown in Florida

Major Provisions: CAC

·         Commodity Regulated: Shipments of fresh oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, and tangelos grown in Florida.

·         Crop Shipping Season: September 1 - July 31

·         Fiscal Year: August 1 - July 31

·         Production Area(s): Florida, except the area west of the Suwanee River.

·         Order Authority and Regulations: The marketing order authorizes grade, size, maturity, quality, pack, container, and volume regulations. Grade and size requirements are in effect for citrus shipped to destinations outside of the production area. Volume regulations are in effect until the first week of December only for red grapefruit, and authorized for specific varieties based on size. Shipping holidays are authorized during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons.

·         Research and Promotion: Not authorized under the Federal marketing order. However, marketing research and promotion is conducted under various State programs.

·         The order was promulgated in 1939 and was last amended under formal rulemaking on July17, 2002.

·         Budget: The 2016-17 budget of $140,600 is based on an assessment rate of $0.009 per 4/5 bushel carton of citrus.

8e Requirements:

Committee Structure:


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